Essential Oils - The Use of Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy: Overview

Essential oils are also known as Aromatherapy oils, volatile oils, aromatic oils, odoriferous substances and various other names. They are exclusively found in plant parts such as flowers, leaves, needles, bark, roots, etc., and are extracted by a variety of techniques including steam distillation, cold pressing and others.

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Introduction to Essential Oils

Essential oils are amazing substances and are used across a wide and diverse range of industries. Essential oils are found in products from the cosmetic industry, the food industry, and the perfume and beauty industries.

In addition Beauticians, Aromatherapists, some Herbalists and practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine all include essential oils in their profession. The essential oil of Lavender, for instance, is found in products ranging from moisturisers, soaps, candles, incense sticks, to medicinal herbal teas, therapeutic Aromatherapy oil blends and some pharmaceuticals.

Aromatherapy is entirely based on the use of essential oils. For example, medical Aromatherapy incorporates massage, infused steam inhalations, hand, foot and sits baths, among others, with specifically formulated blends of essential oils into a therapy that has powerful, yet gentle therapeutic effects.

Medical Aromatherapists will mix together a blend of essential oils, which are specifically formulated according to their therapeutic properties that will directly affect their patient’s malady.

As you can see, essential oils are powerful substances that have a very wide and diverse range of application. Yet most essential oils are not well understood and have much more to offer than is generally known.

The most widely known authorities on the medicinal use of essential oils and Aromatherapy include Robert Tisserand, Dr Jean Valnet, Marguerite Maury, and René-Maurice Gattfossé. Together they have published a body of knowledge that covers scientific and clinical research, and provide valuable insight into the uses and applications of essential oils.

This site is dedicated to provide useful and informative pages on the art and science of essential oils and their uses in Aromatherapy.


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